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The Cure for Self Sabotage

pearl of wisdom proverbs Jun 26, 2019


“A sluggard buries his hand in the dish; he is too lazy to bring it back to his mouth.”



A FEAST IS SET BEFORE YOU. All day you have worked to gather the freshest ingredients and arrange a perfect presentation. Finally the moment has come. You reach for a bite from your food-laden plate and…


You can’t be bothered with one…more…step.

This scenario, just like Solomon’s Proverb that inspired it, seems totally ridiculous. Until you realize we do this all the time. Maybe not with food, but with tasks that are even more important, with great potential to nourish our lives.

I start a project then abandon it just before realizing the payday. I start a course only to lose interest and commitment just before earning the certificate. I begin a new habit and just as it seems I’m reaping the results I had hoped for, I lose my drive to follow through.

Popular psychology would probably label this self-sabotage. But King Solomon didn’t need a degree in psychology to diagnose us sluggards and dish out a dose of wisdom to ward off the extreme silliness that thwarts our attempts at bringing abundance into our lives.


Consider the projects in your life, then commit to follow through until you’ve tasted the sweet fruit of success.





This week I encourage you to pray for God’s guidance as you make a list of the top three most important and potentially rewarding projects you have in the works. You may even want to break into the memory banks and recall a project you have long-since abandoned.


Write the names of three projects on a piece of paper.


Somewhere near each project name, describe the fruit that would come from completing it. Think about how you will feel. Think about what would be different in your life, or the life of another if this project came to completion. Write it down.


Then add a prayer such as this:

“Lord, please fill me with the wisdom, inspiration, discipline and diligence to bring the endeavors in my life to a full and life-building finish.”


Sign it.


Hang it somewhere you will be reminded of your commitment and the fruit to come.


Now I’d love to hear from you. Come over to Facebook to share one of your projects, the fruit that would come from completing it, and your commitment to see it through.

Many Blessings!




This post is part of a Series exploring wisdom from The Book of Proverbs. Many great leaders have made a habit of reading a chapter of Proverbs a day – convenient since there are 31 chapters in all. Solomon, the book's author, was known as the wisest man in history, whose first and highly rewarded action as Israel's King was to ask God for the wisdom to lead well. 



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