The Pinnacle Approach

A business operating system distilled from leadership & management classics, Pinnacle is composed of Principles, Practices, and Tools selected by an experienced Guide, to help you, your team, and your enterprise scale greater heights.


‚ÄúIf you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.‚Ä̬†But truly,¬†if you want to go fast¬†and¬†far,¬†go together with a Guide.


Every Great Enterprise Operates on Principles.

Learn a tried & true Operating System for scaling your enterprise based on these Five Principles. Master them and watch your enterprise climb.


Get the right people in the right seats, right away. Then equip and coach them in a unified direction.


Start with why. Set a compelling mission, clear vision, and authentic values. Then develop a winning strategy.


Document and optimize your core processes from top to bottom, both internal and customer-facing.


Measure what matters, then manage it. Plan and track key goals on an annual, quarterly, and weekly cadence.


Profits come as a result of mastering the other Principles, and fuel growth and impact in a virtuous cycle.

These Five Pinnacle Principles plus Prayer underlie the Practices and Tools I share in a tailored journey designed to amplify impact and bring your big vision to life.



To the Five Pinnacle Principles, faith-driven leaders add intentional Prayer to guide, build, and sustain great impact.

The Pinnacle Proven Path

What is Your Pinnacle?

Do you have a vision to reach a big growth goal, secure investment, exit your business, or scale your social impact? We begin with the end in mind and design a path to help you get there. Book a Discovery Call to explore whether the Pinnacle Approach is a good fit for you and your business.


Brandon Mensink

COO & Co-Owner of Tonna Mechanical, Inc.

"The Pinnacle approach changes the way you view and operate your business on a daily basis. It helps you to build a foundation of A-Players that live your core values, create winning playbooks, and drive clarity and alignment around your purpose and goals. Our performance metrics and goals have increased at every level throughout the organization, and our entire team now understands the why."

"If I could change one thing, I would have started working with Pinnacle earlier."

Kristi Piehl

Founder & CEO of Media Minefield

"The Pinnacle approach is customizable, nimble, and applicable to any business challenge."

"It layers the latest business thinking on top of tried-and-true practices. This unique combination continues to take my company and leadership to the next level."

Emily Morgan

Founder & CEO of Delegate Solutions

"What worked then doesn't work now. No words have been truer to business leaders that have been part of growing a company. The speed at which we are having to adapt as leaders is unprecedented."

"Having an operating system that is best in class, flexible, and built for growth like Pinnacle gives us the framework to evolve the system as the business evolves."

Pinnacle Books


If you'd like to dive deeper into the Pinnacle Approach, check out The Path to the Pinnacle by Gregory Cleary and Michael Erath and Enjoy the Climb by Tom Bouwer and Gregory Cleary.

Pinnacle Books


If you'd like to dive deeper into the Pinnacle Approach, check out The Path to the Pinnacle by Gregory Cleary and Michael Erath and Enjoy the Climb by Tom Bouwer and Gregory Cleary.