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Broad Experience. Deep Expertise.


Rachel has worked with over 40 CEOs of organizations ranging from single-person startups launching their product or service into the national or international marketplace to companies with over 400 employees preparing for a liquidity event.

For each she has been a partner in bringing their big vision to life, offering brand development, market strategy, and a dedicated focus on execution that leads to results.

These clients have spanned many different industries, but three primary sectors have been a particular focus:
Technology, Consumer Goods, and Nonprofit.



Attaining fast growth, acquisitions, and investment in crowded markets means leaders must quickly differentiate, build value and assemble a high-performing team. Below are four client examples of work in this sector:


IT Solutions Provider

Rachel conceived of anyplace workspace® to meet the business objective of moving the Value Added Reseller beyond hardware and software sales and into a virtual desktop solution, integrating every aspect of IT from the data center to the endpoint. She developed CEO and CMO messaging for internal and external audiences including a multitude of marketing campaigns.


Virtual Desktop Solution

Rachel re-architected corporate branding and messaging and prepared keynote presentations for the CEO and CMO and developed creative for diverse customer-facing marketing campaigns and industry events.


Next Generation Edge OS

Rachel envisioned the transformation of IGEL from a hardware to a software company to claim and dominate blue ocean market space while competing against tech giants such as HP, Dell, and other manufacturers of thin client hardware. She also led the corresponding corporate messaging refresh.

Tech Heads

IT Solutions Provider

Rachel developed a 2-year strategic plan to double company valuation by becoming a platform company in an acquisition strategy, through the creation of a Customer Acquisition & Retention Playbook plus a Company Acquisition and Integration Playbook. She also developed the B2B marketing strategy generating a predictable pipeline of midmarket IT decision maker leads.

“I refer to Rachel as our Secret Weapon.

She played a key role in our growth. She is incredibly bright, can envision the future and then deliver astounding results.”


CEO of ControlUp | Former CMO of MCPc and AppSense | Former CEO of IGEL


Consumer Goods

These companies often begin as the creative brainchild of their visionary founder, but must grow into operational excellence if the brand is to achieve sustainable success. Below are four client examples of work in this sector:



Rachel consulted in the brand transformation, line editing, and market positioning of this Freedom Business in Bangkok Thailand.


“I can’t express just how much you have helped us and the gratitude we feel for you. You gave so much and it made such a difference. You made a huge impact for this Freedom Business!"

Founder & CEO of Nighlight International

The God Box

Gift Book

Rachel served as part of a multi-disciplinary team on brand development and design, including the cover design for this New York Times Bestselling book and its multi-channel launch.


“How can I thank the woman whose vision has already made thousands of people gasp starting…with me. I am so in love with every single thing you have done. You are an angel in my life, on my shoulder, in my heart."

NYT Bestselling Author


Botanical Gifts

Rachel consulted the founder on brand development and launch strategy at the New York Gift Fair, along with the creation of seasonal campaigns.


“Rachel combines her creative skills and communications ability with a keen sense of marketing. I have the greatest respect for Rachel's ability to understand the vision of any project."

President of Bloembox Gifts


Infant Care Product

Rachel consulted the founder on product design, market research, brand development and launch strategy.


“Rachel served as a product launch expert, but more than that - a trusted advisor I could call when the inevitable stumbling blocks and doubts came up along the way. She is someone any Founder or CEO should have on their journey."

Inventor of Itzbeen, Inc.


Nonprofit & Social Enterprise

Nonprofits are classified as corporations for a reason - they operate according to the same Principles as their for-profit counterparts in order to grow, stay healthy, and generate outsized impacts. 

Rachel led Freedom Business Alliance as Executive Director during the “pandemic era” from October 2019 to October 2022, establishing strategic and operational foundations of this global network of businesses that exist to create safe employment for survivors of human trafficking.


Board Development & Relations

Rachel led the transition from Working Board to Governance Board including the development of Board policies, mission, vision, and values. She also planned and facilitated all Board meetings including multi-day annual Board retreats.

Leadership & Management

Team Development & Execution

Rachel developed organization-wide annual operating plans and budgets plus fundraising plan, complete with annual and quarterly KPIs. She led 1-on-1, weekly, quarterly and annual team meetings. Built key partnerships.


Innovation & Execution

Rachel used Design Thinking and Lean Startup principles to develop new programs that remove barriers to growth and scale faced by Freedom Businesses around the world. She developed the Theory of Change and Code of Excellence.


Messaging to Stakeholders

Rachel designed and produced core identity collateral, fundraising communications, website, eCommerce platform, blog, and annual print magazine. She provided thought leadership through speaking engagements and original articles.

"I think first of Rachel as a person. She is brilliant, personable, hardworking, creative, and real. There are no pretenses in her personhood or in her leadership style. Secondly, I think of her perspective. She is forward thinking, something I observed as she led FBA into new ventures and horizons. She understands change theory and what it means to be excellent in all facets of the business. Next, she is programmatic in her nature and able to see a pathway to success. And finally, she has experience helping teams find the right people, setting vision, measuring performance, and celebrating success. She is not just a thought leader, but she has 'done it.'

I am confident that any organization would be well served to hire Rachel to coach them in matters of vision, planning, strategy, and operations."

Chair of Freedom Business Alliance 2020-2024