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Pinnacle Business Coaching

Monthly Engagement

Are you looking for someone to help your enterprise get to the 
Next Level faster than you ever thought possible?

Move with the confidence that comes when you have a skilled Guide who comes alongside you and your team every step of the journey to help build your leadership capacity, create alignment, hold your team accountable, and continue scaling up to the Pinnacle together.

Before beginning, we'll schedule 1-on-1 Discovery Call to uncover your Pinnacle Priority. This will be followed by a Decision Day presentation to your leadership team to ensure their commitment before the Engagement officially begins. Then we’ll prepare for the journey ahead with 3 days at Basecamp. After that we’ll conduct 1-day Quarterly Lookouts and 2-day Annual Summits, measuring our progress along the way to the top. 

The Result: A healthy, high-performing Leadership Team equipped to achieve your Most Audacious Goals.

Starting at $4000/mo.


  • 3-Day Basecamp facilitation, coaching, and consultation
  • 1-Day Quarterly¬†Sessions
  • 2-Day Annual Summits
  • Two 1-Day¬†custom-designed sessions per year on Leadership, Strategy, and Execution
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls with CEO
  • Access to 80+ Pinnacle Business Tools

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Meeting Facilitation

Book Rachel to guide your most important strategy discussions

Fractional Leadership

Retain Rachel to provide critical leadership without the burden of staffing a full time role