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Listen Closely for Your Calling

proverbs wisdom Aug 21, 2019


“Those who shut their ears to the cry of the poor will also cry out and not be answered.”



In can be overwhelming to consider the needs of those in poverty around us, let alone all around the world. When we consider our own lack of ability to meet the world’s great need, it can be easy to tune out, especially when life’s daily demands compete for our limited attention. The needs of those in poverty simply begin to fall on deaf ears.

But as women of faith called to lives of purpose, Christ is continually transforming us into His likeness. As such, He shares with us His great vision, strategies and plans. But He also requires us to listen for the cries of those He would have us serve. He cannot fully commune with those who want to share in His great power but will not also extend His great mercy.


God answers on the same frequency which carries the cries of the poor. You cannot hear one without also hearing the other.





Pause and ask God if you have missed the cries of those He would have you serve, even as you have strained to hear from Him. Be willing to listen without feeling the immediate pressure to have a solution. After all, the solution will not come from you but from God. You must only be willing to open your ears. The rest will unfold in divine conversation.

Start a journal noting what you hear – the cries of others and the words of God in response. Soon you will see patterns emerge, steps to take, and the work God has begun and is inviting you to join.

Many Blessings!





This post is part of a Series exploring wisdom from The Book of Proverbs. Many great leaders have made a habit of reading a chapter of Proverbs a day – convenient since there are 31 chapters in all. Solomon, the book's author, was known as the wisest man in history, whose first and highly rewarded action as Israel's King was to ask God for the wisdom to lead we



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