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Learn to Steer Your Inner Drive

pearl of wisdom proverbs Jul 31, 2019



“The appetite of laborers works for them; their hunger drives them on.”



TAKE NOTE: HUNGER DRIVES PEOPLE ON. Our appetites work for us. For such a brief statement, this pearl of wisdom offers powerful keys to unlocking God’s economy and creating lives of abundance.

For centuries hunger motivated the majority of laborers. Yet hunger is a source of motivation all but unknown to many of us in modern Western society. Food abounds. So much so that instead of striving to get it, we resolve to avoid too much!

Yet gnawing away in us is a deeper hunger. Most likely this is because, as Jesus explained, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). He was quoting an ancient verse from Deuteronomy which shows this to be one of the oldest spiritual lessons.


Deeper than our hunger for food or any other sustenance is a hunger for God.





For what do you hunger? Is it fame, fortune, family, love, respect? All these are good, but there is One that is greater.

Your challenge today: Look in to your heart this very moment and find what is possibly obscuring your true hunger for a closer relationship with The Lord. With courage and faith, pluck this merely material hunger from your heart and lay it at the foot of the cross. For Christ was the first to do so fully and remains the One who patiently encourages us:


“Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.”

JOHN 6:27


Give up your striving and ask God for spiritual food: a Word from Him as to the work He has for you. Let this spiritual hunger work for you and see the works that flow through you. Let this hunger drive you and be amazed at how far you will go.

My own greatest work has been accomplished after hearing a clear Word from God. When I am walking in step with His will it seems as though much work can be accomplished with comparatively little effort. Most likely because it is not powered by my own effort but by God who is working through me to complete a work for which He has already prepared the way. And I can truly testify: there is nothing in the world more satisfying.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you hunger for something that is dulling your appetite for God? Has there been a time you were driven by God’s direction to do a certain work? Join the conversation on Facebook.

Many Blessings!






This post is part of a Series exploring wisdom from The Book of Proverbs. Many great leaders have made a habit of reading a chapter of Proverbs a day – convenient since there are 31 chapters in all. Solomon, the book's author, was known as the wisest man in history, whose first and highly rewarded action as Israel's King was to ask God for the wisdom to lead we



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