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Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Nonprofit Leader, and Woman of Faith



Do any of the following words describe you?


Too busy.

You have business plans and dreams, but simply can’t find the time to devote to one. more. task.


Ultra responsible.

You have wondered how to grow a business without sacrificing your personal obligations.


Full of potential.

You have a full life, yet know there is a passion project waiting to come to fruition if you had some clear steps to bring it to life.


Out of alignment.

You have a job that doesn’t connect with your God-given purpose. Or worse – a job that brings with it a sense of guilt – an inner knowing that somehow your actions are out of alignment with what you value most.



In many ways, we modern women have lost our way. We have so many choices available, yet so many demands on our time. On one hand, total freedom. On the other, impossible constraints.




Have Faith.


The Pattern Masterclass is a collection of Biblical wisdom shared with a modern understanding of women’s lives and the marketplace, developed to clarify your purpose-driven business vision and build it in balance with your busy life.


At the heart of The Pattern are 12 Guidelines based on Biblical wisdom & practical business experience, designed to build a firm biblical foundation for your purpose-driven enterprise.


The Guidelines are inspired by the Wife of Noble Character from the ancient Book of Proverbs. This renowned woman is described in Chapter 31 as diligent, confident and generous. She is a wife, mother, homemaker, investor, mentor and philanthropist. She is also a successful entrepreneur – a key life choice that allowed her to fully leverage her talents and bring prosperity to her family and blessing to her community.


The Pattern Online Course Includes:


Twelve brief instructional videos covering the 12 Guidelines. View at your own pace.

Vision Sheets

12 printable worksheets with step by step activities to help put every insight into action.

Audio Recordings

Every guideline features an mp3 audio recording of the lesson so you can listen on the go.

The learning experience is guided, yet flexible.

The Pattern™ is a flexible learning experience covering 12 Guidelines. Guidelines 1-6 cover game-changing Insights. Guidelines 7-12 focus on Implementation, helping to structure your business for holistic success.


Receive instant, lifetime access upon enrollment.

Complete each Guideline at your own pace. Each takes about 30 minutes. Use our 8-week schedule for a guided experience, or create a schedule that works for you!



A custom, God-inspired, Business Pattern that focuses attention on both the inner and outer work needed to build a purpose-driven business on a Biblical foundation. Perfect to guide next steps and conversations with key advisers. Critical to taking the best next steps on the path to realizing your business vision. Your Business Pattern contains the basics of a business plan and operating plan, but goes deeper to define what you need to make a business work for YOU!



Masterclass Content



Guideline 1: Meet Your Mentor

Guideline 2: Put on a New Dress

Guideline 3: Refresh Your Schedule

Guideline 4: Claim the Beauty of Entrepreneurship

Guideline 5: Activate Your Inner Investor

Guideline 6: Cultivate Your Passion



Guideline 7: Develop the Perfect Product

Guideline 8: Build Business Containers

Guideline 9: Outsource – SAMPLE SESSION

If you're wondering how you'll find time and energy to grow your business, watch the video below and complete the Visionsheets to create your Outsource Plan.


Guideline 10: Multiply Your Return on Investment

Guideline 11: Create Multiple Streams of Income

Guideline 12: Reach Out & Give Back


Membership in the Private Facebook Group

Join a supportive community of like-minded, purpose-driven female entrepreneurs. A place to swap ideas, provide feedback, network and receive encouragement.


Office Hours with The Pattern Masterclass Mentors

Each quarter we interview a leading woman of faith in business to get her “Top Take Away” and “Top Leave Behind” from her own journey as an entrepreneur, allowing you to learn from her hard-won wisdom.


Bootstrap Business Resource List

Get an Insider's Guide for dozens of budget-savvy resources for marketing, design, website building and more.

It's Time to Invest in Your Success



  • Lifetime Access to The Pattern™ Online Course
  • Private FB Group Membership
  • Mentor Office Hours Access
  • Bootstrap Business Resource List


Below are just a few of the insights you'll gain through the course:

The Truth

Learn to recognize and defeat untruths that hold many women of faith back from starting the creative enterprise God intends for them.

A Framework

Learn a framework that sets your business up for unlimited growth. Hint: this is not a predefined business, but a structure to follow.

Some Leverage

Get the biggest return on the time you invest in business by avoiding a common mistake that will keep you working too many hours.

A Lifesaver

Many think they are attracting more business, but in fact due to this one error they are actually driving it away. Learn how to avoid it.

Clear Directions

Learn a step by step process you can use to determine the business God created you to build.

A Multiplier

Uncover a powerful God-given multiplier of all your entrepreneurial efforts – the cure for overwhelm.

Work-Life Balance

Learn a simple but powerful technique to balance time between work and family and avoid guilt on either side.

The Key

Learn the central key from the Book of Proverbs, to unlocking  unlimited time and energy for your big vision.


Hello! I'm Rachel Rose Nelson – an entrepreneur, business consultant, ministry leader and woman of faith dedicated to helping you build the purpose-driven enterprise God has called you to lead.

I'm the Founder of Her Worth International, a Christian ministry working worldwide for women’s economic freedom and also serve on the Board of the Freedom Business Alliance to help scale job opportunities for survivors of human trafficking.

Like you, business is my calling.

I am passionate about helping women build strong biblical foundations under their businesses and watching them flourish. My current projects range from the vocational training of economically vulnerable women in Haiti to coaching business and ministry leaders around the globe.

Before stepping into leadership development, I worked for 20 years as a creative director and business consultant for companies large and small. My clients and their products have been featured on the New York Times Best Sellers List, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah’s O list, InStyle Magazine, People Magazine, and more. Their products are carried in Whole Foods, Target, and other retail stores.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication from California Polytechnic University, a Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership from Portland Seminary, and live with hmyhusband and three kids just outside Portland, Oregon.


"I think it’s wonderful that you’ve put together these guidelines. I wish I would have had them when I started 4word! There are some where I’ve dog-eared the pages, because even seven years out we’ve got room to improve. We’re always learning. But the great thing is when you go about building a purpose-driven organization you have the chance to create something life-changing for others."

Diane Paddison
Founder of 4word Women

"Working with Rachel is not only an experience in creativity, it is also a deep dive into the true goals and motivations of your project – I swear she must have a degree in psychotherapy hidden somewhere in her toolkit. She is talented, patient, generous and a great pleasure to work with."

Lynn Forbes
Founder of WHOA! Network

"Rachel combines her creative skills and writing ability with a keen sense of marketing. I have the greatest respect for Rachel's ability to understand the vision of any project."

Laura Quatrocci
President of Bloembox Gifts

"I am so in love with every single thing you have done. You are an angel in my life, on my shoulder, in my heart."

Mary Lou Quinlan
Bestselling Author of The God Box

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s both! This course is a unique combination of biblical study and reflection plus practical business implementation advice. Think of it as Christian Executive Coaching, designed to bring alignment between your faith, life and work. The video for each Guideline opens and closes in prayer. Each one is inspired by biblical principles and features relevant Bible verses. A few address mindset shifts that can only be accomplished through partnering with the Holy Spirit. But the focus is on equipping women to take action, grow their business for maximum impact, and maintain balance in every area God has called them to focus on.

It may be helpful to also share what this course is NOT. It is not a daily devotional to inspire you but leave you without actionable steps for creating transformation. It is also not a course that gives you step by step marketing plans, or shows you how to finance your startup, or interpret financial reports. We believe this course will transform your mind and your business in ways that come from this unique, category-defying combination.

Absolutely! If you are feeling nudged to start something new then this Masterclass will give you the wisdom you need to start well. It will also give the practical framework and product development process to make your dreams more actionable.

Probably so! It will very likely be enlightening to evaluate your established business through the lens of biblical wisdom, and see which areas might shift as a result. While there are many resources on the how-to’s of business building, this Masterclass focuses on aligning your business with faith-based principles to structure your business for both balance and impact. If you sense the potential to grow in these areas, please enroll. If you have all that dialed in, it may be safe to pass. But then again, we’d still love to have you in our community of like-minded entrepreneurs!

Yes. While the primary audience for this course is business owners, most if not all of the Guidelines apply to both for-profit and non-profit enterprises.

Each Guideline features a short video ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. This is followed by personal reflection in the form of completing a VisionSheet (our version of a Worksheet, but one completed while inviting God to speak into the answers). So each Guideline takes about 20-40 minutes to complete. With 12 Guidelines that means a total investment of about 6 hours. You will have lifetime access to the online course. So you can complete it at any time and at any pace that works for you.

Probably so. Granted: you will get maximum value by being able to engage in some or all of the LIVE components. But you will be able to access all the LIVE content even if you miss it. You will also have lifetime access to The Pattern online course, so you can go through it when you are able, and review it all as needed.

Ask! We'd love to answer any questions or concerns you have as you make a decision to enroll. Simply email [email protected]

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied, feel free to contact us with your completed Vision Sheets, for a refund of your full payment. How can we make such a guarantee? We have packed so much value into The Pattern™ that we know you will be happy.


Get the Support You Need to Succeed

Training, mentoring and community are vital components of your journey as a faith-centered entrepreneur. While executive coaching alone can cost $300+ per hour, The Pattern™ is designed to make incredible support accessible on a budget. Don't go it alone!


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